The serial number issued by the event can be entered on the payment order page.

If the deposit waiting time exceeds 3 hours, it will be automatically canceled.

You can use points if it has be accumulated at least 10,000 or more, you can use points in case of purchasing KRW 80,000 or more based on the payment amount.

The 3% points of actual payment amount will be accumulated, after the delivery is completed, payment will be processed automatically after 7 days from the receipt date of exchange/return.

In the Identity Project official online store, you can pay with the following payment methods.

- Credit card (domestic)

- Deposit without bankbook

- Real-time account transfer (escrow)

- Points

- Discount coupon

You can apply for a cash receipt right away when paying on the payment order page.


The Identity project is internal project group based on Seoul.

We are researching design under the theme of admiration for youth culture and antipathy of mass production and working to find a new identity by mixing as good as possible with the carefully calculated and bold silhouette pattern.

Under the slogan of 'Long distance', we will boldly express our antipathy towards fast fashion and mass production by researching clothes that can be preserved of value and continuously producing differentiated contents with meaning. We hope to redefine the value of clothing and become a symbolic brand that can positively influence fashion culture and change perceptions of domestic clothing brands.

Company Information

The Identity Co., Ltd. | Business License 711-87-02434
TEL.02-2216-7220 | MAIL-ORDER LICENSE NO. 2022-서울동대문-0139호 | CEO Jung | 601 , 6 floor, 77, Hancheon-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea | Office hour Mon - Fri AM 10:00 - PM 5:00 | Official E-mail.

CJ Logistics Courier Return Address : 12-46 Sangwangsimni-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul CJ Logistics Seoul Seongdong Sangwangsimnijeong


Our genuine product is labeld with the anti-counterfeiting silicone tag, which has been patented.

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